Report of Wrist Arthroscopy Course Strasbourg 24-25 Novembre 2006.

The last wrist arthroscopy course, which was held with the EITS/IRACD of Strasbourg , was as usual a very great success. The course was complete with 30 participants and 10 experts. Although this course was the latest French spoken course, there were 16 foreigners for 14 French. Some came by far, since there were the Brazilian ones and Iranian. The majority of the participants result from the European countries. The investigation of evaluation that we carry out in an anonymous way systematically at the end of each course showed the very high satisfaction of the participants, as well in the field of theoretical teaching as on the quality of practical teaching. The total note of the course was 18,84/20. It is highest ever obtained by these courses testifying to the professionalism at which we arrived. I would like to thank all the experts for that.

The session reserved for Industry was very appreciated by our students. They found it useful and integrated perfectly into the course. In the investigation of evaluation, with the following question: “How did you feel the presence of our industrial partners?” all answered:  "effective and not invading". Our partners became true collaborators in these courses, and their presence at our convivial dinners and other times is partly responsible for this state. I would like too to sincerely thank them for quality for their representation and their help

The next year, our courses will be English spoken, i.e. multilingual in fact, considering nationalities of the experts and the participants. There will be a basic course in February and an advanced course in November.


Christophe Mathoulin